Conversations in Canadian Bioethics – Bioethics and Racism

The final event of our Conversations in Canadian Bioethics 2022 season, featuring the John Dossetor Centre at the University of Alberta as our spotlight organization. Featured presenters Anita Ho, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, San Francisco Bioethics Program and Zamina Mithani, MD Candidate, University of British Columbia joined moderator Dr. Bashir Jiwani, Executive Director, […]

5th Annual JCB Lecture on Ethics & Governance of AI for Health – Designing for Trust in Health Research with Pervasive Data

Speaker: Dr. Katie Shilton, Associate Professor & Program Co-Director, BS Program in Social Data Science, University of Maryland, College Park About this Seminar: In this seminar, Shilton explores the use of pervasive data—large datasets about the identity, behaviour, or characteristics of people—and the ethical questions that arise regarding the development of norms and practices of […]

Death and Dying in Childhood: A Silenced Phenomenon

Speaker: Sydney Campbell, PhD Candidate, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics, University of Toronto About This Seminar: In paediatric settings, hope is a commonly seen as a fundamental aspect of high quality care. Additionally, children are often presumed to be individuals that lack competence and require protection as a […]

Ethical Considerations for Sterilization Refusal in Nulliparous Women

Speakers: Alyssa Izatt, M.A. PhD Student, University of British ColumbiaDepartment of Philosophy. W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics Rebecca Greenberg, RN, PhDSenior Bioethicist, Sinai Health System Nipa Chauhan, MHSc, Bioethics Associate , Sinai Health System Abstract This seminar will consider how requests for sterilization in young, childless women are handled. We examine the ethical, […]

Tackling Bias in Health AI Systems from a Human Rights Lens

Full Title: Tackling Bias in Health AI Systems from a Human Rights Lens Speakers: Jake Okechukwu Effoduh (He/Him) Vanier Scholar, Osgoode Hall Law School York University Abstract: The healthcare industry is witnessing an era of innovation explosion, part of which is as a result of the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare contexts. […]

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence for Public Health in Canada

Full Title: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence for Public Health in Canada Speakers: Heather Dekker - MHSc Bioethics Graduate, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto Abstract: Constructive use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), can provide benefits to individuals and society. There is a need to include informed ethical perspectives in the […]

Dementia, Care and Respect

Speakers: Amy Mullin, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto Mississauga Abstract: Three decades ago Ronald Dworkin set the terms of ongoing debates around health care decision-making for people with dementia, with Rebecca Dresser and Agnieszka Jaworska offering alternative recommendations and approaches. I review this debate and argue that feminist care theory and Robin Dillon’s […]

Cervical Cancer, Vaccine Equity, and Global Solidarity

Full Title: Cervical Cancer, Vaccine Equity, and Global Solidarity: Fighting for the Health of Women and Girls Speakers: Jeff D’Souza (Ph.D.) Investigator, Institute for Better Health, Instructor, McMaster University Continuing Education Abstract: Cervical cancer is preventable, yet more than 340,000 women die each year. Approximately 90% of these deaths take place in low and middle-income […]

How Informed is Informed Refusal

Full Title: How Informed is Informed Refusal? Speakers: Nathan Robert Howard (PhD), Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough Eric Mathison (PhD), Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough Abstract: Valid consent in medical practice requires that the patient is relevantly informed. The degree and kind of information required by valid consent are both disputed, but it […]