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Research opportunities in bioethics for students

We are happy to share with you the following research opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of bioethics. For any questions regarding these posts, please email the contact person listed directly.

→ Volunteer Studentship - Mount Sinai Hospital and/or Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

Contact: Rebecca Greenberg, Senior Bioethicist, rebecca.greenberg@sinaihealth.ca
Volunteer or Paid Position: Volunteer
Poster can be found: here

Volunteers are matched with a supervisor and location (Mount Sinai Hospital and/or Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital) depending on their interests and available projects.

Goals of studentship

The volunteer will work on an academic project relevant to the Bioethics Department towards a manuscript suitable for academic publication or an academic poster.

  • An interest in ethical issues in women’s & infants’ health, complex care, rehab, mental health, adult medicine etc.
  • Completed undergraduate degree with experience in philosophy, medicine, nursing, social work, law, religious studies, and/or other clinical, humanities and social science disciplines
  • Keen interest to discover, learn, and advance the science of care at Sinai Health

A minimum of a half day a week during the academic year and a full day per week in the summer.

Application deadlines

Winter Program: November 14, 2022
Summer Program: March 1, 2023
Fall Program: July 12, 2023

Applications must include the following:

  1. Full CV
  2. Writing sample
  3. Names of two referees
  4. A letter of intent describing: (a) why you are interested in a volunteer studentship; (b) your background in bioethics to date; (c) topics in bioethics that you would be interested in researching and writing about during a studentship