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Bioethics clubs at the University of Toronto

There are a number of welcoming and inclusive student-led bioethics initiatives open to you as a U of T student. If you have any questions about these clubs, you can reach the organizers through their websites below.

U of T Bioethics Society

The University of Toronto Bioethics Society is a forum to increase awareness and interest in the field of bioethics by advancing the current discussion being produced in this interdisciplinary area, and creating new methods for discourse, amongst all members and through various means. The primary goal of this organization is to build a bioethics community across the university for a variety of students (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, medical, law, etc.) and faculty from diverse disciplines.

Café Bioethics

Café Bioethics is a safe space where individuals, who do not necessarily have a background in bioethics, medicine, or law, may participate in deliberative democracy and develop their own opinions regarding various topics. Monthly events are a place where anyone is welcome to attend and either share ideas and participate within the discussion or sit back and listen to further educate themselves about the topic of interest. The highest priority for this club is to provide a night, monthly, where intrigued individuals may attend, have fun, and make new friends!

Canadian Bioethics Society student membership

The Canadian Bioethics Society/Société canadienne de la bioéthique (CBS-SCB) is a national organization acting as a forum for individuals interested in bioethics and aimed at improving the health and well-being of people in Canada and abroad. The CBS-SCB actualizes this aim by facilitating high-quality bioethics engagement (such as the Annual CBS Conference and National Health Ethics Week) that is inclusive of individuals from a wide variety of perspectives, backgrounds, professions and beliefs. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people including professionals, academics and students interested in bioethics from a wide range of home disciplines. If you're interested in becoming a member, visit the website, read through the membership benefits, and click the 'register now' box near the top of the page.