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The JCB offers a weekly seminar on a wide variety of bioethics topics. The speakers come from the local, national and international community in bioethics. These seminars are open to the public and free and do not require prior registration. All seminars take place every Wednesday from 3:10 - 4:30 pm. Most JCB seminars are webcast live through ePresence.


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This schedule is subject to change. If you are coming to hear a particular speaker or topic, we suggest you consult this schedule again the week of the seminar.


September 2010 - June 2011






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Sept 15

Tom Koch, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Medical Geography, University of British Columbia; Bioethicist, Canadian Down Syndrome Society (Resource Council); Consultant in Bioethics and Gerontology, Toronto and Vancouver;  Director of Information Outreach, Ltd.

Difference and Disability:  Where is the ethics in bioethics?

Sept 22

Adam Rapoport, MD, FRCPC, MHSc, Division of Pediatric Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children and Pediatric Palliative Care Consultant, Max and Beatrice Wolfe Children's Centre, Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care, Mount Sinai Hospital

Pediatric Capacity and Consent:  What’s legal and what’s right?”


Sept 29

Canadian Program of Research on Ethics in a Pandemic (CanPREP)
Carrie Bernard BSc, OT, MD, CCFP, MPH (in progress); Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University; Clinical Lecturer, University of Toronto
Sachin Sahni, B.Sc., Project Coordinator, CanPREP
Diego S. Silva, B.A., M.A., Doctoral Student, CanPREP & Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Maxwell Smith, B.A., M.Sc., Doctoral Student, CanPREP & Dalla Lana School of Public Health
CanPREP Workshop: Demonstrating the Applicability of Town Halls for Public Engagement and Disaster Planning  

Oct 6

Gardar Arnason, PhD, Researcher, Dept. of Social and Moral Philosophy, University of Helsinki - with additional commentary

Neuroscience, Free Will and Moral Responsibility


Oct 13

Debora Diniz, PhD, Professor, Public Health Graduate Program and Co-founder and Researcher, Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Abortion at the Brazilian Supreme Court:  A Bioethical Challenge


Oct 20

Viviana Molaschi, Phd (Universities of Turin-Milan), Researcher in Administrative Law (University of Bergamo), Professor of Administrative Law (University of East Piedmont) and Social Welfare Legislation (University of Bergamo), lawyer and legal consultant

Withdrawal of Artificial Hydration & Nutrition from a Patient in a Permanent Vegetative State in Italy: Some Considerations on the Englaro Case


Oct 27

Elina Hemminki, MD, DrPH, Research Professor in the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland, and Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

Challenges of Clinical Research Regulation  

Nov 3

Sholom Glouberman, Associate Scientist, Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit and Philosopher in Residence, Baycest; Adjunct Asst. Professor, Dept. of Health Policy Management & Evaluation; Adjunct Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

The Patient Experience in Health Care  

Nov. 10
Imperial Oil Theatre, Rm. 106, Tanz Neuroscience Bldg., 6 Queen’s Park Crescent W.

James Giordano, PhD, Director, Center for Neurotechnology Studies; Vice-President, Academic programs, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies; Professor of Neuroscience, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies, George Mason University; Sr. Research Associate, Wellcome Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford

14th Annual Jus Lecture in honour of Dr. Andrzej Jus – Neuroethics:  Coming of Age and Facing the Future



Nov 17

Charles Best Bldg., Rm. 114, 112 College St.

David Sackett, OC, MD, FRSC, FRCP, Professor Emeritus, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University

The ethical implications of different statistical early-stopping rules for randomized clinical trials


Nov 24

Princess Margaret Hospital

Rm 604,

610 University Ave.

Robert Buckman, MD, FRCPC, Medical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Hospital/University Health Network, Professor, University of Toronto; Adjunct Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas

30th Annual Philippa Harris Lecture on Bioethics Issues in Cancer – Can hope ever be a bad thing?


Dec 1

Sara Rosenthal, PhD, Associate Professor, Bioethics, Depts. of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Behavioral Science, University of Kentucky and Director, University of Kentucky Program for Bioethics

Clinical Ethics Dilemmas and Allocation Decisions Below the Mason-Dixon Line: A Canadian’s Experience  

Dec 8

Kelley Ross, MSc, Academic Fellow in Clinical and Organizational Ethics, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics

Directed Organ Donations: A Qualitative Study of the Views of Ontario Transplant Technicians  

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Jan 5





Jan 12


Bob Parke, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, MHSc, Clinical Ethicist, Humber River Regional Hospital

Bioethics Beyond Hospital Walls  

Jan 19

Place:Tanz Neuroscience Bldg, 6 Queen’s Park Cres. W., Imperial Oil Theatre, Rm. 106

Ross Upshur, BA (Hons), MA, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, Director, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics; Professor, Dept. of Family & Community Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health; Canada Research Chair in Primary Care Research; Director, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre for Bioethics

Aging and Chronic Diseases: Scoping the Ethical Issues  

Jan 26

MHSc in Bioethics International Students, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics:

Nausheen Saeed, MBBS, FCPS, FRCS, PGD (Bioethics) and

Muhammad Moinuddin Siddiqui, MBBS, PGD (Bioethics)

Karachi Bioethics Group Initiative on Developing Pharmaceutical –Physician Interaction Guidelines  

Feb 2




Feb 9

Jean Georges Daou, BA, MA, Academic Fellow in Clinical and Organizational Ethics


Religion, Culture and Clinical Ethics  

Feb 16

Anuradha Rose, MBBS, MD, MHSc in Bioethics International Student


Public Health in Rural South India  

Feb 23



Mar 2

John Berkman, PhD, Associate Professor, Moral Theology, Regis College, University of Toronto

The Diagnosis and Prognosis of Severe Brain Injuries: Ethical Quandaries and Concerns  

Mar 9

Randi Zlotnik-Shaul, LLM, PhD, Bioethicist, The Hospital for Sick Children, CHES, University of Toronto (Paediatrics and Joint Centre for Bioethics)

Dual Accountability of Physician Researchers: Voices from Theory to Practice  

Mar 16

Kevin S. Rodrigues, BA, MTS, PhD (Cand.), Academic Fellow in Clinical and Organizational Ethics Is Hope Hopeless?  

Mar 23

Parnor Madjitey, BSc, MHSc in Bioethics International Student


Informed Consent in a Vulnerable Population: A Case Study of Kpone Malaria Project, Ghana  

Mar 30

Andrew Stark, PhD, Professor of Strategic Management and Political Science, University of Toronto

Trolleys, Transplants and the Doctrine of Double Effect: A Modest Proposal  
Apr 6

Giles Scofield, JD, MA (Religion), Clinical Ethicist, Centre for Clinical Ethics, Associate Professor, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University

The Problem with REBs  
Apr 13

Anne Simmonds, RN, PhD, Perinatal Nurse Consultant, Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia and Adjunct Faculty, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

Understanding the Moral Nature of Intrapartum Nursing:  Relationships, Identities and Values  
Apr 20

Chris MacDonald, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness, University of Toronto

Why Research Ethics Standards Should Not Be Universal  
Apr 27

Ahmad Rabb, MHSc in Bioethics International Student


An Evaluation of the Research Ethics Boards (REB) Monitoring Process in Canada  
May 4

Nancy Walton, PhD, Professor Nursing and Chair, Research Ethics Board, Ryerson University

The Ethics of Priority Setting and Autism: The Parent as Therapist and Advocate  
May 11

Rosanna Macri, MHSc Academic Fellow in Clinical and Organizational Ethics


Internet Forums and HTA: Social Media as a Tool for Public Engagement  
May 18

Michael Szego, PhD, Academic Fellow in Clinical & Organizational Ethics


Ethical Issues Associated with Biobanks: A Call for Increased Stakeholder Engagement


May 25

Rm 106, Health Sciences BD.,
155 College St.

Karima Velji, Vice President, Clinical & Residential Program; Chief Nursing Executive, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

4th Annual Sue MacRae Lecture on Ethics and Patient-Centred Care

"Will You Be There When I Am Old? Ethical Considerations Related to Aging"



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