Physician Assisted Dying (PAD) Education Program

The JCB teaching module on PAD developed by Dr. Larry Librach (former JCB Director) was presented at the Canadian Bioethics Society Annual Conference in Banff, Alberta in June 2013. The following slides provide an introduction to the teaching module. They are made available here for general use with attribution, to help teachers and consultants address this important issue.


> Download Teaching Health Care Professionals How to Respond to Requests for Assisted Dying pdf link


The PAD Education Program has been designed as an education program for all health care providers at all levels. The Teacher’s Guide will provide suggestions for effective teaching, some teaching materials such as case materials so that teachers can use the curriculum materials most effectively.


> Download Physician Assisted Dying (PAD) Education Program: Teacher's Guide pdf link

> Download PAD Education Module - Cases pdf link


National Post article (07/16/13): ‘That terrifies us’: Canadian doctors get virtually no training on handling a patient’s desire to die.


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