Community Tools: Annual Endowed Lectures

The JCB has several endowed lectures. The Alloway, Jus, Philippa Harris and Sue MacRae Annual Lectures bring world-renowned scholars to speak on issues in bioethics.


Alloway Lecture:

The purpose of the Alloway Lecture Series, established by Maranatha Foundation in 1993, is to bring to the University each year one or more experts of international stature in the broad field of bioethics to deliver lectures on topics related to ethical aspects of organ transplantation, when possible, but the Lectures are not limited to this field of medical ethics.



  • the speaker has international stature
  • the speaker has made important contributions to the general field of bioethics and hopefully, but not necessarily, to the field of organ transplantation, including its ethical aspects
  • the speaker's work is relevant to the objectives of the JCB
  • the speaker's approach to bioethical issues is foundationally based on established Judeo-Christian principles

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Jus Lecture:

The Jus Lecture Series was created by Dr. Karolina Jus in 1994 in honour of her late husband, Dr. Andrzej Jus. Its mandate is to bring to the University of Toronto an internationally recognized major contributor to the advancement of genetics, neuroscience, psychiatry and its ethical implications.


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Philippa Harris Lecture:

The Harris Lecture was established at Princess Margaret Hospital in 1981 in memory of Philippa Susan Louise Harris, who died from cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital over two decades ago. Pippa, as she was known to her family and friends, was a compassionate young woman, curious and scholarly. For the past two decades, Bill and Pat Harris have sponsored this Lecture as an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer and its effect on individuals and to provide a forum to discuss bioethical issues related to cancer.


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Sue MacRae Lecture:

The Sue MacRae Lecture on Ethics and Patient-Centred Care is a lecture to explore the “felt” ethical experience of those who are sick and facing life threatening illness in their relationship to themselves, family members, caregivers, and systems of care.  This lecture seeks to understand patient-centred and relationship-centred theoretical frameworks and best practices that describe common ethical problems that are inclusive of patient and family perspectives.


Sue MacRae played an integral leadership role in all elements of the JCB mission from 2000-07, especially as Deputy Director from 2001-07.  She was  instrumental in forging its vision and ensuring its transformation into an internationally regarded centre. Sue has been an inspiration to the JCB community.  She has been a champion of patient-centred ethics, an innovator in building ethics capacity through her work in developing the ‘hub & spoke’ strategy, establishing the Clinical Ethics Group and the Clinical Ethics Fellowship (precursor to the CORE Network and the Clinical and Organizational Ethics Fellowship), a leader in scholarship, in terms of her stewardship in the Project Examining Effectiveness in Clinical Ethics (PEECE) and in education by virtue of her contributions to the growth of the highly acclaimed professional Masters of Health Sciences in Bioethics.  Sue was the master builder of a real, enduring community at the JCB.


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