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Trillium Health Partners, Regional Ethics Program


People and Roles:

Senior Ethicist: Dianne Godkin, RN PhD
Ethicist: Patricia Hood MacNicol, OT MHSc (Bioethics)
Ethicist: Eoin Connolly, MA PhD(c)
Administrative Assistant: Melanie Costa


Program Description:

Trillium Health Partners is the "hub" of the Regional Ethics Program, an ethics service provider with a model of delivery based on a hub and spoke model which was established in 2009. Trillium Health Partners has three primary sites – Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and Queensway Health Centre. "Spokes" are member organizations in the region that purchase services from the hub. Ethicists with the Regional Ethics Program work collaboratively across the hub and spokes.

A regionalized delivery model helps to standardize delivery of ethics services; facilitates sharing of ethics resources across organizations; provides access to a group of academically trained ethicists with different types of expertise, professional backgrounds and skill sets; and offers the ability to provide ethics coverage across sites during extended absences.

The Regional Ethics Program is a resource for patients, families, staff, physicians, students, and volunteers around ethical decision-making: identifying and clarifying ethical issues, reviewing options and developing resolutions.



The Regional Ethics Program offers consultation services to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical issues in support of high quality care.



Educational strategies are used to build capacity of staff, physicians and other stakeholders around ethical decision-making processes and when/how to access ethics resources. A variety of forums for case-based education around ethical issues encountered in practice are provided. Ethicists with the Regional Ethics Programs are involved in the education of medical through the Medical Academy at Mississauga.


Policy Development:

Analysis and formulation of principles and protocols (policies and procedures) relating to ethical issues comprise a significant element of the work of the Regional Ethics Program.



Research is conducted on ethical issues relevant to local stakeholders and research ethics activities are supported by the Regional Ethics Program at each of its sites.



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Contact Information:

Dianne Godkin

Dianne Godkin, Senior Ethicist
Regional Ethics Program, Trillium Health Partners
Phone: (905) 848-7580, x3083
E-mail: email


Patricia Hood MacNicol

Patricia Hood MacNicol, Ethicist
Regional Ethics Program, Trillium Health Partners
Phone: (905) 813-1100, x4482
E-mail: email


Eoin Connolly

Eoin Connolly, Ethicist
Regional Ethics Program, Trillium Health Partners
Phone: (905) 848-7580 ext. 5830
E-mail: econnolly@thc.on.caemail