JCB Visiting Scholar Profile: Noriko Nagao

Noriko Nagao

Name: Noriko Nagao
Visiting From: Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan
Period at JCB: January-March 2016


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work history:


I am a registered nurse in a general hospital in Tokyo. I completed a Master of Public Health in Kyoto University and my concentration was medical ethics. I was a member of the Center for Bio-medical Ethics and Law in the University of Tokyo for 5 years. Then, I was a faculty member at Kobe University, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Division of Nursing.


What will you be doing or working on during your visit to the JCB?


I have been interested in clinical ethics support. I have worked in the system in Japanese hospitals and society, and I had seen the services in the US (in Cleveland) and in England. So, I would like to see clinical ethics support in Canada.


What made you want to come to the JCB to do the work?


I would like to make some connections with the people at the JCB as part of an international clinical ethics network. I would also like to see how the JCB educates clinical ethics specialists and have discussions about ethical cases in acute care and palliative care. This would allow me to compare and contrast how we each reach recommendations and solutions.


Is there anything that you're looking forward to doing in Toronto (for example any places you want to visit, or food you want to try)?


I would join the interdisciplinary rounds in an acute care facility for adult and kids. I also want to see care facilities for elderly people with dementia and palliative care facilities. I also love food, so I would like to go to the St. Lawrence Market, and I would like to see Niagara Falls. I really want to make friends and connections who I could chat with, go out with, and have lunch and dinner.


Thanks, Noriko! We are happy you could join us at the JCB.


If you would like to get in touch with Noriko, please email her at