Professor Barbara Secker Retires from the University of Toronto

Barbara Secker

In June 2017, Prof. Barbara Secker (Associate Director, JCB) retired from the University of Toronto. Barb joined the JCB as a graduate student enrolled in the Collaborative Program in Bioethics through the Department of Philosophy (’01). Subsequently, she played key roles in early and continuing development of the JCB, including co-founding and directing of the Clinical, Organizational, and Research Ethics (CORE Network) and the JCB postgraduate Fellowship in Clinical and Organizational Bioethics. She was appointed JCB Associate Director of Education and Practice in 2009, in which role she directed the Master of Health Science (MHSc) in Bioethics Program and the Collaborative Program in Bioethics.


Barb is recognized nationally and internationally for her contributions to professional field of practicing healthcare ethicists. She served as Bioethicist and Pillar Lead for Bioethics and Spiritual Care at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (now part of the University Health Network) and co-founded a working group on professionalization of practicing healthcare ethicists (Practicing Health Care Ethicists Exploring Professionalization – PHEEP), which has since evolved into the Canadian Association of Practicing Healthcare Ethicists (CAPHE). Given her interest and expertise in bioethics education, particularly professional training of practicing healthcare ethicists, Barb was invited to serve on related committees and working groups of the American Society of Bioethics and the Humanities (US) and the Association of Bioethics Program Directors. The JCB will recognize Barb's many contributions at the Winter Party in December 2017.


We will miss Barb greatly and wish her all the best!