4th Annual JCB Research & Awards Day

Research and Awards Day 2015

On June 24, 2015, JCB members, faculty, staff and students gathered to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the JCB community. Below are the winners of the Faculty and Student Awards, as well as the Poster Innovation Showcase. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!


Faculty Awards

  • The Christine Harrison Bioethics Education Award for Integration of Theory and Practice: Randi Zlotnik Shaul, BA, JD, LLM, PhD (Paediatrics)
  • The Ross Upshur Graduate Thesis Mentorship Award: Barbara Gibson, BMR(PT), MSc, PhD (Physical Therapy)


Student Awards

  • The Larry Librach Prize in Ethics and End of Life Care: Ahmed Al-Awamer, MBBS, MHSc (Bioethics), CCFP (Palliative Care)
  • The Mervis-Simon Family Award in Bioethics: Sophie Roher, BA&Sc, MSc(c) (Health Services Research)
  • The Peter A. Singer Graduate Award in Bioethics: Pam Kolopack, MSc, PhD(c) (Public Health Sciences)


Poster Innovation Showcase

  • Open Competition: Nadia Incardona
  • Student/Trainee Competition: Arthy Sabapathy