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Education: MHSc in Bioethics - Student Testimonials

Curious about what the MHSc in Bioethics program is all about? Read about some of the experiences from our previous graduates.




"The MHSc provided me with an incredible two years of learning in a supportive yet rigorous environment. I am currently employed as a clinical ethicist and I think of my MHSc as the foundation of my ethics career. The courses were structured such that there was a good mix of theory and practice and we were always encouraged to work on papers or projects that could lead to a publication, or some other practical endpoint in addition to fulfilling course requirements. The classroom experience was rich due to the many disciplines and cultures represented among the students in my year. My professors were also outstanding both in and out of the classroom. For example, several course directors hosted dinner parties and extended an invitation to all their students. Since graduating I have maintained relationships with many of my professors and former classmates. Many of the projects I initiated during the MHSc are still ongoing and flourishing. One such project is the Personal Genome Project Canada, which I helped develop as part of my final year ‘capstone project’ and was the subject of the recent Globe and Mail Series called the DNA Dilemma. I would highly recommend the MHSc program to anyone with an interest in bioethics.”

MHSc Graduate, 2010
Current position: Clinical Ethicist




"The University of Toronto’s Master of Health Sciences in Bioethics program, designed and delivered by the Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB), is a leading bioethics program that should be considered by anyone looking to advance their knowledge and skill development in Bioethics. Program quality, breadth of topics and skills, and committed engagement of the instructors combine to make this an outstanding learning experience. Interactions with other students and instructors in the classroom setting, online and through project work enhance the quality of the learning environment. The talent pool from which instructors are drawn and the multi-disciplinary nature of the class provide a terrific breadth of experience and exposure, as well as the opportunity to develop lifelong mentors and colleagues. The MHSc program can be readily completed by students who live and work distant from Toronto, which is my experience. I would strongly recommend this program as appropriate both for people in the exploratory stages of a career in bioethics, as well as for those who have bioethics experience and are seeking more advanced knowledge and skills.”

MHSc Graduate, 2012
Current position: Medical Director




“The MHSc in Bioethics offers a truly unique and innovative Master’s experience. It is an internationally renowned program that attracts applicants from across Canada and around the world. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from a variety of content experts with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds but my classmates spanned the spectrum of health care professions. The MHSc in Bioethics is interprofessional learning at its best and offers multicultural ethics perspectives from around the globe. It also provided a stepping stone towards a new career.”

MHSc Graduate, 2010
Current position: Bioethicist