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January 17, 2020


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Education: MHSc in Bioethics - Courses


Required Courses


Courses are restricted to students officially enrolled in the MHSc in Bioethics or Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics, except where noted.


Courses in Year 1 of the program cover key topic areas in bioethics, and concentrate on providing students with the theoretical foundations of the field in terms of legal frameworks, research methods, philosophical approaches, and resource allocation ethics. The application of theory to practice in clinical, organizational and research settings is emphasized.


Courses in Year 2 of the program give students the opportunity to further develop core knowledge (e.g., in research ethics, organizational and health systems ethics) while adding more core skill competencies, such as teaching bioethics, developing a bioethics curriculum, and contributing to bioethics scholarship (including the preparation of a paper in publishable form covering an area or issue of the student's choice). Based on their individual interests in the areas and activities of bioethics, students complete a mentored applied learning course (practicum), and a practical bioethics course that aims to support the student in preparing a "capstone" project that, ideally, builds on the practicum experience and the core knowledge and skills gained throughout the MHSc program.


Year 1
CHL 3001Y - Core Topics in Bioethics
CHL 3003Y - Empirical Approaches in Bioethics
CHL 3005H - Legal Approaches to Bioethics
HAD 5771H - Resource Allocation Ethics
PHL 2146Y - Topics in Bioethics: Theoretical Approaches


Year 2
CHL 3051H - Research Ethics
CHL 3052H - Practical Bioethics (capstone course)
CHL 3002Y - Teaching Bioethics
CHL 3004Y - Ethics and Health Institutions
CHL 3006Y - Writing in Bioethics
CHL 3008Y* - Applied Learning in Bioethics (practicum)


*Course that may continue over a program. The course is graded when completed.