Application Deadlines


Prospective students must be admitted to one of the collaborating graduate units and can apply separately to the CSB any time after.


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Education: CSB - Ethics Related Courses

Please note that these courses are not offered every year. Consult each unit's website for details.


Health Policy, Management and Evaluation

HAD 5011H Canada's Health Care System and Health Policy
HAD 5306H Introduction to Health Services Research and the Use of Health Administrative Data
HAD 5741H Health Law and Ethics
HAD 5768H International Perspectives on Health Services Management
HAD 5771H Resource Allocation Ethics



Participation in LAW courses is at the discretion of the Faculty of Law upon presentation, to the Faculty of Law Records Office, of a signed permission form from the student's home department. Note that preference is given to JD students and that many LAW courses are full by the end of the Faculty of Law add/drop period.

LAW 267H Health Law and Bioethics
LAW 388H Public Health Law
LAW 582H Privacy, Property and the Human Body


Nursing Science

NUR 1021H Nursing Ethics


Pharmaceutical Sciences

JRH 5124 Public Health Ethics



PHL 2131H Ethics
PHL 2132H Seminar in Ethics
PHL 2133H Topics in Ethics
HPS 1105H Philosophy of Medicine


Public Health Sciences

CHL 3001Y Core Topics in Bioethics
CHL 3002Y Teaching Bioethics
CHL 3003Y Empirical Approaches in Bioethics
CHL 3004Y Ethics and Health Institutions
CHL 3051H Research Ethics
CHL 5111H Qualitative Research Methods
CHL 5121H Genomics, Bioethics and Public Policy
CHL 5401H Epidemiology Methods I
CHL 5411H International Health
CHL 5124H Public Health Ethics



Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

REH 3120H International Issues in Disability and Rehabilitation



RLG 2007H Ethics, Society, and Technology
RLG 2018H Religion and Bioethics


Social Work

SWK 6308H Designing and Implementing Quantitative Social Work Research