Application Deadline


Applications are due by
June 14, 2019


Prospective students must be admitted to one of the 12 collaborating graduate units before applying to the CSB program.


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Education: CSB - Apply

Students must be accepted to one of the collaborating graduate units (check individual websites for application deadlines) and can then apply to complete the CSB. Students can apply to complete the CSB at any point during their graduate program as long as they are able to complete the CSB requirements before they are intending to graduate.


Applications are assessed by the CSB Executive, consisting of representatives from the collaborating graduate units. CSB admission decisions will be made after the CSB receives notification that you have been admitted into your home unit. Note: admission into a home unit does not guarantee admission into the CSB.


Your application must include:

  1. Application Form for Admission (online form)
  2. Current curriculum vitae
  3. Current transcripts in electronic form (downloaded from ACORN, PDF, or a full scanned copy - photos of your transcripts are not admissable)
  4. Two letters of reference, and
  5. A one-page letter of intent. This letter must:
    • detail why you are interested in the CSB
    • outline the research project you will conduct
    • provide the reasons why you chose this research project
    • describe the research methodology that will be used to complete the project, and
    • describe what you hope to gain from the CSB, what you will give to the CSB, and what you intend to do once you have completed the specialization

6.   A letter or email from your thesis supervisor who has agreed to supervise you.  The letter or email should be sent to the Administrative Assistant (


Applications to the CSB should be sent to:
Terry Yuen, Administrative Assistant
Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics,
University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics
155 College Street, Suite 754, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1P8.