Community Tools: Media Contacts

Below is a list of JCB contacts who are available for interviews or able to speak on various media subjects.



Areas of Expertise

Kerry Bowman
(416) 586-4800 ext.2163 email link

Animal Research, Conflict Resolution in Health Care, Culture, End-of-life, Environmental Ethics, Reproductive Ethics, Transplantation, Genomics, Biobanking, Nanotechnology

Bernard Dickens
(416) 978-4849 email link

Medical Law, Reproduction

Jennifer Gibson
(416) 978-1395 email link

Governance, Management Decision-making, Organizational Ethics, Priority Setting, Resource Allocation

Dianne Godkin
(905) 848-7580 ext.3083 email link

Advance Care Planning, Advance Directives (Living Wills), Long-Term Care

Michael Gordon
(416) 785-2500 ext.3460 email link

Elderly Care, End-of-life, Long-Term Care, Palliative Care, Medical Professionalism, Nutrition

Shane K. Green
(647) 530-4389 email link

Cloning, Genetics, Stem Cells

Christine Harrison
(519) 824-5255 email link

Children and Adolescents, Decision-making

Philip Hébert
(416) 480-4276 email link

Bioethics Education, End-of-life, Medical Error

Martin McKneally
(416) 946-8084 email link


Barbara Secker
(416) 978-1909 email link

Advance Care Planning; Decision-Making (including capacity assessment, informed consent or refusal, and substitute decision-making); Disability Bioethics; Bioethics Education; Feminist Bioethics; Rehabilitation and Community Care Ethics

Marcia Sokolowski
(416) 785-2500 ext.3356 email link

Advance Care Planning, Dementia, Disabilities, Nutrition, Palliative Care, Personhood issues, Mental Health Ethics, Sexuality, Interdisciplinary Ethics

Ross Upshur email link

Public Health Ethics, Communicable Diseases, Epidemiology

Linda Wright
(416) 340-4800 ext.8750 email link

[ Media must first contact UHN Public Affairs at (416) 340-4636 or (416) 340-3895. ]

End-of-life, Family Issues in End-of-life Decision-making, Transplantation

Randi Zlotnik Shaul
(416) 813-8844 email link

Accountability, Hospital Innovation, Ethics and Law, Pediatrics, Research Ethics