About Us: Research Opportunities for Students

The following projects are research opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of bioethics. For any questions regarding these posts, please email the contact person listed with each project directly.


Position: Research Assistant
Location: RA will need to have access to their own computer and workspace. Meetings will be held with Course Director(s) at Women's College Hospital.
Contact: Sue MacRae, sue.macrae@utoronto.ca. Send an email to Sue MacRae with a copy of your CV and short cover letter describing your skills as they relate to the project, including access to computer and work space. Please also include times you are available for meetings, including evenings and early mornings.
Volunteer or Paid Position: Paid, $25/hr
Hours: 20-30 hours over 6 week period-flexible timing. Possibly extended.
Start/End Date of Project: June 12-July 24, 2017
Application Deadline: June 2, 2017
Project Title: Survey of Past Student Masters of Health Science Capstone Projects
Description: RA will work with Faculty Director(s) to support the development, distribution and analysis of the survey to past MHSc students about the status of their course capstone projects; student will largely work independently; skills in conducting surveys and analyzing data an asset but not necessary.
Outcome of project: RA will prepare a written report summarizing the results of the project.


Position: Volunteer Studentship
Location: SickKids Hospital
Contact: Randi Zlotnik Shaul, randi.zlotnik-shaul@sickkids.ca
Volunteer or Paid Position: Volunteer
Hours: 5-10 hours/week during academic year and 3-5 days/week during the summer
Start/End Date of Project: Ongoing
Application Deadline: Ongoing
Full details: Student and Health Care Professionals' Opportunities in Paediatric Bioethics
The Bioethics Department at SickKids welcomes requests from students and health-care affiliated individuals who wish to pursue a project in paediatric bioethics. The Department is able to accommodate 4-5 students each summer and 1-2 students over a more extended period throughout the year.